Commercial Laundry Services

Many commercial businesses generate a lot of laundry, but do not have the facilities to process it. In addition, some industries must follow certain health codes that can be hard to meet without a commercial-grade laundry room. Even if you are managing to keep up, your laundry likely takes up a sizeable chunk of your resources. Why not take advantage of pickup and delivery services from The Laundry Butlers instead?

Which Industries Need Commercial Laundry Services?

We can help any company that generates dirty laundry. In most cases, the cost of our services is more than outweighed by the reduction in labor hours. We have also identified several industries that tend to create more laundry than they can easily process:

  • Hair salons
  • Small restaurants
  • Massage therapists
  • Health clubs
  • Private pools

Are Your Services Customizable?

At The Laundry Butlers, all of our commercial contracts are fully customizable. Whether you need service once a day, once a week, or only around special events, we are here to help. We can handle large special-handling orders, as well as bulky items. Let us know what we can do for you.

We also understand the different requirements that different industries face. You might be required to do your laundry at a certain temperature. You might have clients with detergent allergies or concerns about environmental impacts. We will work hard to meet your needs.

Why Should I Choose The Laundry Butlers?

At The Laundry Butlers, we have provided wash and fold service to Concord, NH, for more than 16 years. We are excited to have introduced our new pickup and delivery services in 2016, and are currently expanding to other parts of New Hampshire. Our affordable, eco-friendly services focus on attention to detail and top-notch customer service. Contact us today by email at or by phone at (603) 931-0995 to discuss custom pricing and delivery options.